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1. OTOPLENIE.RU | Moscow | (24.09.2002)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Air Curtains; Air Heaters; Boilers; Calorifers; Clamps; Climate Control Equipment; Electric Heaters; Equipment Installation; Fittings; Forced Air Heaters; Furnaces; Gas Meters; Heat Meters; Heat Sensors; Heaters; Heating Air Curtains; Infrared Cabins; Radiators; Split System; Water Supply Systems. / EkoLine; HYUNDAI; Purmo; Toshiba.

Building materials and supplies.

Construction structures and elements.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Gas Meters; Heaters; Ionizers. / EkoLine; HYUNDAI; Toshiba.


Barter; Connecting; Consulting; Delivery; Designing; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

2. Sowik | Moscow | (02.06.2009)

Construction, Maintenance. / BAXI; Izoterm; RKON.


Representative offices: Odintsovo.

3. AV Architects | Moscow | (07.05.2009)

Decor, Design.

Creating; Designing; Development; Styling.

Representative offices: Dnepropetrovsk; Evpatoria; Feodosiya; Khimky; Kiev; Sevastopol; Simferopol; Sudak; Yalta.

4. Land-style | Moscow | (16.06.2009)

Animal and plant services.

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Flowers, Plants.

Attendance; Creating; Designing; Maintenance; Styling.

5. Apiruss | St. Petersburg | (25.06.2009)


Education, Training.

Food: Honey.

Health, Beauty.

Industrial equipment.

Pets: Zoo Inventory.

Delivery; Designing; Mounting; Orders; Production; Providing; Retail trade; Training; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Moscow; Novosibirsk.

6. Info-trocal | Moscow | (07.07.2009)

Building materials and supplies.

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Designing; Exploitation; Implementation; Mounting; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

7. Insolar | Moscow | (10.08.2009)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control.

Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Delivery; Designing; Development; Equipment; Exploitation; Implementation; Information; Maintenance; Preparation; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Service; Training; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

8. Metall | Kiev | (12.11.2009)

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Designing; Mounting; Production; Styling.

9. Stroitelstvo-teplic | Moscow | (12.11.2009)

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Industrial equipment.

Bundling; Connecting; Designing; Implementation; Mounting; Production; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Maloyaroslavets.

10. ZN systems | Moscow | (02.11.2009)

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Announcer; Annunciators; Automated Parking; Bugs Protection; Cameras; Fire Protection Alarm; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Lenses; Monitors; Motion Detectors; Protective Alarms; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems; Video Tape Recorders. / ADEMCO; OPTEX.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Siemens.

Assessment; Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Delivery; Designing; Development; Equipment; Execution; Information; Mounting; Preparation; Providing; Purveyance; Service; Training.

11. Projex | Obninsk | (10.11.2009)

Decor, Design.


Marketing, Advertising.

Consulting; Creating; Designing; Development; Maintenance; Styling.

12. Eliteser | Moscow | (06.08.2009)

Decor, Design.

Furniture: Bathroom Furniture; Cabinet Furniture; Furniture for Educational Institutions; Furniture for Industry; Laboratory Furniture; Office Furniture; Office Partitions; Reception Desk; Shelving; Working Places.

Interior: Partitions; Showcases.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Delivery; Designing; Mounting; Production; Retail trade; Styling; Wholesale trade.

13. Molokoved | Miass | (22.08.2009)


Industrial equipment.

Attendance; Designing; Development; Mounting; Production; Service.

14. ENP Finans | Moscow | (16.08.2009)

Construction, Maintenance. / SDMO.

Industrial equipment.

Connecting; Designing; Mounting; Preparation; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

15. Newrasa | Rostov-on-Don | (07.03.2010)

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Co-ordination; Designing; Styling.

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