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151. SAILEKS.SPB.RU | St. Petersburg | (27.03.2003)

Communication services. / Megafon; MTS; Panasoninc.

Communications, Navigation: Accessories; Amplifiers; Antennas; Automatic Switching Centers; Cell Phones; Intercoms; Loud Speaker Communication; Megaphones; Navigation Tools; Pagers; Phones with ANI; Radio; Radio Telephones; Remote Connections; Repeaters; Retransmitter; Selectors; Transceivers. / Alkatel; Ericsson; LG; Motorolla; Nokia; Panasonic; Samsung; Senao; Siemens; Sony.

Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Designing; Equipment; Maintenance; Mounting; Providing; Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Tuning.

152. Logistic group | Dnepropetrovsk | (18.03.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Production Equipment.

Construction structures and elements.

Furniture: Banking Furniture; Bookcases; Cupboards; Mirrors; Safes; Shelving; Workbenches; Working Places.

Interior: Doors; Gates; Mirrors.

Trade services and supplies.

Transportation, Logistics.

Bundling; Buying; Designing; Development; Equipment; Hire; Implementation; Leasing; Mounting; Rent; Retail trade; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Kiev; Moscow.

153. Afm-service | Moscow | (12.07.2010)

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Gazel; GZ; Shmitz; ZIL.

Development; Equipment; Execution; Implementation; Mounting; Production; Retail trade; Service.

154. AQUART.RU | Moscow | (30.11.2002)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Adapters; Ball Valves; Boiler Safety Assembly; Boiling Equipment; Brackets; Climate Control Equipment; Electric Heaters; Equipment Installation; Fastening Elements; Fittings; Flanged Valves; Furnaces; Gate Valves; Hardware; Heaters; Heating Equipment; Insulation; Pipes; Piping; Radiators; Spigots; Stop Cocks; Stop Valves; Towel Driers; Valves; Water Heaters; Water Supply Systems. / AQUART; Deisot; Opera; SIRA.

Building materials and supplies: Cables; Fasteners; Pipes; PVC. / DIZAYN GROUP.

Construction, Maintenance.

Electrical: Air Curtains; Cable Systems; Cables; Ducts; Lamp Sockets; Mounting Boxes; Switches; Tools; Wires.

Bundling; Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Providing; Supply; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Nizhni Novgorod; St. Petersburg.

155. Smart-sant | Novosibirsk | (05.05.2011)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Air Massage Bath; Ball Valves; Bath Panels; Bathroom Furniture; Baths; Bidet; Climate Control Equipment; Equipment Installation; Heating Equipment; Massage Equipment; Mixers; Pedestals; Radiators; Septic Systems; Service (Supply) Lines; Shower Cabins; Shower Trays (Pans); Sinks; Siphons; Spas; Spigots; Toilet Tanks; Toilets (Lavatory Pans); Towel Driers; Urinals; Wall Hatches; Washbasins. / Ideal Standart; STROJFFOR; Vidima.

Building materials and supplies: Enamel Bath Paints.

Construction, Maintenance.

Household accessories: Accessories; Brushes; Metal Shelves; Shower Curtains; Towel Holders.

Delivery; Equipment; Orders; Retail trade; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

156. Pilotsamara | Samara | (11.02.2011)

Communications, Navigation: Amplifiers; Antennas.

Electrical: Controllers; Electric Mounting; Electronic Components; Lamps; Light Controls.

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Adjustment; Attendance; Equipment; Making; Preparation; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Warranty.

157. Cesis | Penza | (12.01.2010)

Construction, Maintenance.

Electrical: Cable Channels; Cable Systems; Electric Mounting; Electrical Cabinets; Motion Sensors; Power Equipment; Wiring Accessories.

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Annunciators; Barriers; Bugs Protection; Cameras; Electric Locks; Fire Cabinets; Fire Hydrants Equipment; Fire Protection Alarm; Gate Automation; Motion Detectors; Protective Alarms; Video Surveillance Systems.

Attendance; Bundling; Consulting; Development; Equipment; Exhibition; Implementation; Preparation; Production.

Representative offices: Kursk; Moscow; Rostov; Rostov-on-Don; Ryazan; Samara; Saransk; Saratov; St. Petersburg; Tula; Tyumen; Ufa; Ulan-Ude; Ulyanovsk; Uralsk; Uriupinsk; Yaroslavl.

158. Ksb-atribut | St. Petersburg | (03.05.2011)

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Announcer; Annunciators; Automated Parking; Cameras; Door Closers; Electric Locks; Fire Fighting Equipment; Fire Protection Alarm; Gate Automation; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Locks; Monitors; Motion Detectors; Protective Alarms; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems; Video Tape Recorders. / ADEMCO; CORNET; GENIUSE; GUARDIAN; JSP; NOVOTECKNIKA; OPTEX; VISONIC.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Siemens.

Attendance; Delivery; Equipment; Providing; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

159. Air-sib | Novosibirsk | (02.03.2011)

Construction, Maintenance.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Air Curtains; Air Purifiers; Air Saturators; Cartridges; Conditioners; Fans; Hand Drying Systems; Infrared Heaters; Ionizers; Thermostats. / Daikin; DeLonghi; Electrolux; Fuji; Fujitsu; LG; Panasonic; Samsung; Sanyo.

Electrical: Fans.

Home services.


Office services.

Around the clock; Bundling; Consulting; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Mounting; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Supply; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Abakan; Barnaul; Berdsk; Biysk; Krasnoyarsk; Novokuznetsk; Omsk; Tomsk.

160. 777bayram | Ufa | (14.09.2009)

Decor, Design. / FloorTex.

Free time, Entertainment.

Home services.

Office services. / Butchers.

Social services.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Attendance; Equipment; Execution; Maintenance; Providing; Purveyance; Service.

Representative offices: Salavat.

161. Mavros | Rostov-on-Don | (01.03.2010)

Business services.

Decor, Design.


Law, Legal services.


Publishing, Printing.

Trade services and supplies.

Around the clock; Assessment; Attendance; Auction; Barter; Bundling; Buying; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Creating; Delivery; Designing; Development; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Exchange; Execution; Exhibition; Exploitation; Hire; Implementation; Information; Leasing; Maintenance; Mounting; Orders; Preparation; Production; Providing; Purveyance; Registration; Rent; Repair; Research; Restoration; Retail trade; Search; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Storing; Styling; Supply; Training; Tuning; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Anapa; Belgorod; Essentuky; Kaluga; Krasnodar; Moscow; Yekaterinburg; Zheleznovodsk.

162. Megaholod | Samara | (11.08.2009)

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Bychok; Cherau; FORD; Gazel; GZ; HYUNDAI; Iveco; KaMZ; KIA; Lada; Man; MERSEDES; MZ; VOLVO; VZ; ZIL.

Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Designing; Equipment; Implementation; Mounting; Production; Purveyance; Repair; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Penza; Saratov; Ufa.

163. Vitrini | Moscow | (10.04.2010)

Furniture: Banking Furniture; Blackboards; Cabinet Furniture; Canteens; Card Index Cabinets; Childrens Furniture; Coffee Tables; Computer Desks; Cupboards; Desks; Dining Tables; Exclusive Furniture by Request; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Furniture for Educational Institutions; Furniture for Health Facilities; Furniture for Industry; Furniture for Kindergartens; Hi-Fi Racks; Kitchen Furniture; Kitchen Tables; Kitchens; Library Furniture; Office Furniture; Office Partitions; Office Tables; Offices; Papers Cases; Reception Desk; Reception Furniture; Shelving; Sliding-Door Wardrobes; Suites; Wardrobes; Working Places; Worktops; Writing Table.

Office services.

Trade services and supplies.

Designing; Equipment; Mounting; Production; Providing; Retail trade; Styling.

164. BN-Motors | Bryansk | (28.01.2010)

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / KIA; Mazda; RENAULT; VZ.

Attendance; Equipment; Leasing; Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand purchase; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

165. Promtrade54 | Novosibirsk | (20.02.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Adhesives; Impregnations; Liquid Nails; Sealants; Smoothing Materials.

Business services.

Construction, Maintenance.

Household accessories: Glue.

Industrial equipment.

Industrial materials.

Marketing, Advertising.

Publishing, Printing.

Attendance; Equipment; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Styling; Supply; Wholesale trade.

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