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121. Xeroxservis | Moscow | (01.07.2009)

Office equipment: Cartridges ; Copying machines ; Digital Duplicators ; Expendables ; Fax machines ; Laminators ; Mini-printers ; Paper Shredders ; Photocopiers ; Printers ; Printing Equipment ; Risographs ; Scanners ; Toners . / Canon; Epson; Gestetner; HP Hewlett Packard; HSM; IDEAL; Konica; Nashuatec; NRG; Rex-rotary; Ricoh; RISO; Toshiba.

Office services.

Connecting; Consulting; Equipment; Maintenance; Mounting; Preparation; Providing; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

122. Sp-roll | Samara | (07.10.2010)

Industrial equipment. / BRANO; Melkom; PMC; Raston; Tecofi; Toyobo; VanSon; Varn; Viessmann.

Consulting; Delivery; Equipment; Exchange; Information; Providing; Purveyance; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Novokuibyshevsk; Tolyatti.

123. Cash registers Chisinau Moldova | Kishinev | (19.11.2010)

Electrical: Accessories; Adapters; Batteries; Electric Mounting; Electronic Components.

Household accessories.

Office equipment.

Office services.

Trade services and supplies.

Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Equipment; Mounting; Providing; Purveyance; Registration; Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Training; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

124. Activetime | Kiev | (15.04.2010)

Clothing: Baseball caps; Blazers; Caps; Children's clothes; Jackets; Men's cloth; Mittens; Outer clothing; Overalls; Polo-neck; Scarves; Shorts; Sleeveless jackets; Sleeveless sports shirts; Sport clothes; Sports shirts; Suits; Swimming trunks; Swimsuits; Tolstovkas; Tracksuits; Women's cloth; Working clothes; Youth clothes.

Footwear: Beach shoes; Childrens footwear; Mens footwear; Running shoes; Special footwear; Sports footwear; Winter footwear; Womens footwear.

Free time, Entertainment.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Equipment; Implementation; Retail trade.

125. Montaj SKS LVS, Montaj elektrosnabjeniya | Moscow | (03.06.2009)

Communication services.

Construction, Maintenance.

Office equipment: Cordless Telephones; Fax machines ; Printers ; Scanners ; Telephones . / Canon; Casio; HP Hewlett Packard; Toshiba.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Andover controls; CBC; CHANG DER; Ebinger; Garrett; Grinnell; MeDia; Siemens.

Attendance; Consulting; Creating; Designing; Equipment; Mounting; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Tuning.

126. Kraskreslo | Krasnoyarsk | (01.08.2009)

Children: Bricks; Childrens furniture; Cotbeds; Dolls furniture; Gifts & Keepsakes; Seats.

Decor, Design.

Furniture: Armchairs; Banquettes; Childrens Furniture; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Furniture for Kindergartens; Library Furniture; Mattresses; Sofas; Upholstered Furniture.

Around the clock; Attendance; Consulting; Delivery; Development; Equipment; Exhibition; Exploitation; Information; Orders; Production; Purveyance; Rent; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Styling; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Kirov; Moscow; Nizhni Novgorod; Omsk; Tomsk.

127. Mostootryad 47 | Moscow | (03.12.2009)

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Iveco; KaMZ; Mercedes.

Attendance; Designing; Equipment; Hire; Leasing; Mounting; Orders; Rent; Repair; Restoration.

Representative offices: Podolsk; St. Petersburg.

128. Spa&Beauty - 2009. Moscow. | Moscow | (20.04.2009)

Beauty products: Balsams; Body Gels; Body Glosses; Bronzers; Creams; Depilatory; Depilatory Wax; Eye Shadows; Foams; Gels; Hair Gels; Hair Masks; Hair Sprays; Liquid Bottling Perfume; Masks; Massage Gels; Milks; Nail Polishes; Nail Stickers; Scrubs; Shower Gels.

Health goods: Balsams; Clays; Cosmetic Medicine; Creams; Gels; Magnetotherapy Sets; Oils; Reflexotherapy Sets.

Health, Beauty.

Assessment; Bundling; Consulting; Equipment; Execution; Information; Orders; Preparation; Providing; Purveyance; Search; Styling; Training.

129. Micrologistics | Moscow | (09.03.2010)

Business services.

Office services.

Passengers transportation.

Post, Couriers, Messengers.

Public organizations.

Trade services and supplies.

Transportation, Logistics.

Attendance; Co-ordination; Delivery; Designing; Equipment; Execution; Exploitation; Leasing; Maintenance; Orders; Preparation; Service; Supply; Training.

130. VELAN.RU | Zelenokumsk | (27.11.2002)

Electrical: Accessories; Adapters; Automatics; Batteries; Bells; Blocks; Buttons; Cable Channels; Cable Systems; Cable Trays; Cables; Capacitors; Chokes; Contactors; Controllers; Dimmers; Electric Mounting; Fans; Generators; Indicator Screwdrivers; Insulating Tapes; Knife Switches; Light Controls; Lighters; Low Voltage; Motion Sensors; Outlets; Plugs; Relay; Selectors; Switches; Terminals; Tools.

Attendance; Equipment; Orders; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

131. Mebelizduba | Minsk | (29.09.2010)

Furniture: Bedrooms; Beds; Bedside Tables; Cabinet Furniture; Canteens; Chairs; Coffee Tables; Corners; Cupboards; Dining Tables; Exclusive Furniture by Request; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Hall Furniture; Kitchen Furniture; Kitchen Tables; Kitchens; Library Furniture; Office Furniture; Office Tables; Offices; Papers Cases; Stools; TV Stands; Working Places; Writing Table.

Interior: Showcases.

Buying; Consulting; Delivery; Equipment; Execution; Implementation; Orders; Retail trade; Styling; Wholesale trade.

132. Gorod-stroj | Cheboksary | (30.11.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Adhesives; Bricks; Coniferous Wood; Floor Carpet Coverings; Masonry Materials; Mouldings; Paints; Sand; Scaffold; Worktops.

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Adjustment; Attendance; Bundling; Co-ordination; Creating; Delivery; Designing; Development; Equipment; Exhibition; Implementation; Maintenance; Mounting; Preparation; Production; Providing; Repair; Restoration; Supply; Warranty.

Representative offices: Moscow.

133. Tehnologika | Kazan | (29.01.2010)

Communication services. / Panasoninc; Siemens.

Construction, Maintenance. / GEALAN; Sauter.

Around the clock; Attendance; Bundling; Buying; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Creating; Designing; Development; Equipment; Exploitation; Information; Mounting; Production; Providing; Purveyance; Research; Retail trade; Service; Training; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

134. Telekan | Chelyabinsk | (26.11.2009)

Communication services.

Communications, Navigation: Automatic Switching Centers; Corded Telephones; Phones with ANI; Repeaters. / Panasonic.

Construction, Maintenance.

Bundling; Connecting; Designing; Development; Equipment; Implementation; Maintenance; Mounting; Purveyance; Retail trade; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

135. LGM - gorup | Kiev | (08.04.2011)

Business services.

Industrial equipment.

Industrial materials.

Production services.


Adjustment; Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Designing; Development; Equipment; Exploitation; Implementation; Maintenance; Making; Outsourcing; Production; Purveyance; Repair; Research; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Tuning; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Moscow.

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