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1. pronetdesign | St. Petersburg | (01.06.2009)



Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Maintenance; Preparation; Service.

2. WS Team - soft for you... | Rostov-on-Don | (28.06.2009)


Computers, Accessories, Software.


Around the clock; Attendance; Consulting; Creating; Development; Information; Maintenance; Orders; Preparation; Providing; Service; Styling; Tuning.

3. Rodonit | Moscow | (09.07.2009)

Electrical: Buttons; Cable Channels; Cable Systems; Cable Trays; Cables; Cords; Electric Mounting; Generators; Light Controls; Lighters; Lighting Glass; Low Voltage; Outlets; Panels; Plugs; Switches; Wires.

Connecting; Delivery; Orders; Preparation; Purveyance; Warranty.

4. Insolar | Moscow | (10.08.2009)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control.

Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Delivery; Designing; Development; Equipment; Exploitation; Implementation; Information; Maintenance; Preparation; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Service; Training; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

5. ZN systems | Moscow | (02.11.2009)

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Announcer; Annunciators; Automated Parking; Bugs Protection; Cameras; Fire Protection Alarm; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Lenses; Monitors; Motion Detectors; Protective Alarms; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems; Video Tape Recorders. / ADEMCO; OPTEX.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Siemens.

Assessment; Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Delivery; Designing; Development; Equipment; Execution; Information; Mounting; Preparation; Providing; Purveyance; Service; Training.

6. Anpeko | Novosibirsk | (20.08.2009)

Computers, Accessories, Software: Programs.

Decor, Design.

Marketing, Advertising.

Social services.

Around the clock; Attendance; Barter; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Development; Hire; Implementation; Information; Orders; Preparation; Production; Registration; Search; Service; Styling; Training.

7. ENP Finans | Moscow | (16.08.2009)

Construction, Maintenance. / SDMO.

Industrial equipment.

Connecting; Designing; Mounting; Preparation; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

8. Portalopen | Moscow | (08.10.2009)

Education, Training.

Law, Legal services.

Assessment; Consulting; Preparation; Training.

9. Etna-gk | Samara | (05.11.2009)

Business services.

Construction, Maintenance.

Employment, Immigration, Citizenship.


Law, Legal services.

Office services.

Trade services and supplies.

Attendance; Consulting; Preparation; Registration; Search.

10. TvoyPartner.Ru | Alexandrov | (14.12.2009)


Execution; Preparation; Rent.

11. Ddi-berezka | Moscow | (15.01.2010)

Education, Training.

Social services.

Information; Preparation; Training.

12. I-tex | Abakan | (21.01.2010)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Climate Control Equipment.

Communication services.

Communications, Navigation: Automatic Switching Centers; Loud Speaker Communication.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Network Adapters; Network Devices; Network Equipment.

Construction, Maintenance.

Office equipment: Automatic Telephone Exchanges ; Telephones .

Office services.

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Announcer; Annunciators; Automated Parking; Barriers; Bugs Protection; Cameras; Door Closers; Electric Locks; Fire Cabinets; Fire Engines; Fire Fighting Equipment; Fire Protection Alarm; Gate Automation; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Lenses; Locks; Metal Detectors; Monitors; Motion Detectors; Protection Means; Protective Alarms; Turnstiles; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems; Video Tape Recorders.

Safety, Security, Investigation.

Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Designing; Development; Equipment; Orders; Preparation; Providing; Purveyance; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

13. Triton-driving | Novosibirsk | (13.02.2010)

Safety, Security: Safety Signs.

Vehicle services. / BON Strahovanie; Promet; vtobroker 24.

Consulting; Preparation; Training.

14. 9206362 | Moscow | (12.03.2010)


Attendance; Buying; Maintenance; Preparation; Rent; Service.

15. Nicloz-com | (08.04.2010)

Industrial materials.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Buying; Consulting; Information; Orders; Preparation.

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