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151. Comuty | Novosibirsk | (07.09.2009)

Computers. / 1C; Canon; EasyDisk; EMAG; Inel; Intell; Kommtel; STK PRO; Sunrise.

Home services.

Internet. / Ectaco.

Office services.

Around the clock; Assessment; Attendance; Barter; Buying; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Creating; Delivery; Designing; Development; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Exchange; Execution; Exploitation; Hire; Implementation; Information; Maintenance; Mounting; Orders; Preparation; Production; Providing; Purveyance; Registration; Rent; Repair; Restoration; Retail trade; Search; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Storing; Styling; Supply; Training; Tuning; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Berdsk; Novokuznetsk; Tomsk.

152. Cibermag | Kiev | (03.03.2011)

Computers. / Intell.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Accessories; Adapters; CD-ROMs; Chargers; Components; Computers; Connectors; Desktops; DVD; Fans; Floppy Drives; Graphic Tablets; Hard Drives; HDDs; Keyboards; Memory; Mice; Modems; Monitors; Motherboards; Multifunction Devices (MFPs); Network Adapters; Network Devices; Network Equipment; Notebooks; Periphery; Power Supplies; Printers; Processors; Servers; Sound Cards; Speakers; System Units; USB; Video Cards. / AMD; ASUS; Canon; Daewoo; Epson; HP Hewlett Packard; IBM; Intel; LG; NEC; Pentium; Samsung; Siemens; Toshiba.

Office equipment: Printers ; Scanners . / Canon; HP Hewlett Packard; LG; Panasonic; Samsung; Sanyo; Sharp; Siemens.

Office services.

Hire; Mounting; Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Alushta; Berdichev; Brovary; Chernihiv; Chernivtsi; Dneprodzerzhinsk; Dnepropetrovsk; Dobrich; Donetsk; Energodar; Evpatoria; Ivano-Frankivsk; Kotovsk; Kozelsk; Kremenchug; Krivoy Rog; Lugansk; Lutsk; Lviv; Minsk; Nikolaev; Odessa; Poltava; Sevastopol; Severodonetsk; Simferopol; Sumy; Ternopil; Ukrainka; Uman; Vinnitsa; Zhitomir.

153. extremeplanet | St. Petersburg | (22.03.2009)

Business services.

Children: Bikes & Trikes; Bouncers; Gifts & Keepsakes; Jokes (tricks); Radiocontrolled toys; Scooters.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Marketing, Advertising. / Amadeus; Debby; Ekso-Service; era; Olden advertising group;; Perspektiva; PolimerSTILE; QuantumArt; REPORTER; SYMBOL;

Sport, Outdoors: ATVs; Bicycles; Boats; Catamarans; Electric Cars; Jet Skis; Kick scooter; Launches; Mopeds; Motor Boats; Motorcycles Spare; Road Bikes; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Skateboard; Sledges; Surfing. / Ya language school; Bestway; Caliber; Daiwa; Fuji; Gala; Gold Cup; GRIFON-V; Gumotex; Honda; Inovatrack; Intex; K & L Blade; Kanat; Kettler; Leader; Mercury; Mongoose; Neptun; Nyrok; Okuma; Omega; Orion; Otto; Roces; Rock Machine; Salut; Schwinn; Scout; Shimano; Supreme; Teros; Torneo; Triatlon; Veterok; Vihr; Weider; Yamaha; Yaz.

Trade services and supplies.

Travel, Recreation, Sports. / BON Strahovanie; Kanat; Megra; Sanatorii KMV; Teros.

Vehicle services. / vtobroker 24.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Exploitation; Hire; Information; Purveyance; Rent; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

154. Prommetsnab | Moscow | (10.03.2009)

Building materials and supplies: Asbestos Cement Sheets; Bricks; Cables; Cement; Concrete; Drainage Pipes; Dry Mixes; Fasteners; Grates; Hatches; Metal; Metal Roof Tile; Metal Siding; Multi (Twin) Wall Polycarbonate; Panels; Pipes; Polypropylene Pipes; Production Equipment; Profiles; Reinforcement; Rolled Metal; Rolled Wire; Roof Tile; Sawn Timber; Scaffold; Self Tapping (Drilling) Screws; Sheets; Siding; Solid Polycarbonate Sheeting; Steel Profile Sheets; Steel Reinforced Concrete Products; Wall Panels; Wire Netting; Wires; Wood Screws. / Balta; Balttekstil; Bayramix; Casalgrande Padana; Derufa; EK Chemical; Evrostrojservis; Ferrerolegno; Ferro; Finnish doors; FIVENT; Giprok; GLLOP; Kvatros; Lira Keramika; Lundbergs; Magen; Marretti; Metzeler Plastics; MiS energo; MMZ; Moment; Mungo; Novolipetskij metallurgical company; OKOR; Ondulin; Opoczno; Orgsteklo OOO; Persei NPP; Petri; Pinotex; Plastmo; Pribordetal; Rannila; Rasch; Ritsa; Roger Technology; Sinteros; Stairs; Stellar; Strobi; STL; SNLIT; Tegola; Teplolyuks; Tex; Timzo; Trim-Tex.

Construction, Maintenance. / Agnelli; Albed; Allmet; Astor Mobili; Avalanche; Balttekstil; BAXI; Bee klin; BVT; Cheboksarskij stone factory; Ekoservice; Ekso-Service; Evrostrojservis; Gazelektonika; GEALAN; Indstroj; Interscala; Izoterm; Kvatros; Leskostroy-M; Lexan; Longhi; Magen; Marretti; MiS energo; OKOR; Olva; Promet; Ritsa; RosStroyInvest; SaunaProfi; Scala; Severny liance; SiTerM; SORBENT; SST; Stellar; Stroj-Service; Teplolyuks; TMI; Ufimski zavod santehzagotovok; Yale; Yurkevich; lfakom Kommers; RKON; rmagus; rnet.

Transportation, Logistics. / GZEL.

Hire; Maintenance; Production; Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Supply; Wholesale trade.

155. Chinaplus | Moscow | (08.10.2009)

Beauty products: Amphoras; Bronzers; Childrens Skin Oils.

Beverages: Strong drinks; Tea.

Business services.

Children: Bibs; Bikes & Trikes; Bootees; Bouncers; Car seats; Carriers; Cars; Childrens furniture; Childrens stockinet; Cotbeds; Crawlers; Dolls furniture; Dolls pushchairs; Dolls; Gifts & Keepsakes; Handles; Inflatable toys; Linen; Loose jackets; Lotto; Mosaics; Nappies; Plaids; Playpens; Pushchairs; Rattles; Soothers; Sport games; Swings; Toiletries; Walkers.

Clothing: Blazers; Children's clothes; Fur coats; Fur goods; Hats; Jackets; Jeans clothes; Maternity; Men's cloth; Military uniform; Mittens; Outer clothing; Overcoats; Panamas; Polo-neck; Scarves; Shirts; Shorts; Sleeveless sports shirts; Sun-dresses; Sweaters; Swimming trunks; Wedding clothes; Women's cloth; Youth clothes.

Clothing accessories: Barsetkas; Bracelets; Brief cases; Cases; Combs; Cords; Corsages; Cosmetic accessories; Curlers; Dublerin; Flizelin; Fringe; Gloves; Hair-pins; Hangers; Latch hooks; Lighters; Looking glasses; Map-cases; Press-buttons; Razor cassettes; Razors; Sewing accessories; Sewing needles; Shaving things; Shoulder-straps; Suspenders; Trunks; Umbrellas; Women's handbags.


Footwear: Beach shoes; Mens footwear; Rubber footwear; Shoes; Womens footwear.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry.

Law, Legal services.

Textiles: Back Fabrics; Burberry; Curtains; Feather Bed; Furniture Fabrics; Gauze; Mattresses; Mens Fabrics; Pillows; Plaids; Portiere Fabrics; Table Linen; Towels; Womens Fabrics.

Tobacco: Lighters; Matches.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Vehicle services.

Around the clock; Buying; Consulting; Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Exhibition; Hire; Information; Maintenance; Orders; Purveyance; Registration; Rent; Retail trade; Search; Service; Supply; Training; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Guangzhou.

156. Anten | St. Petersburg | (22.12.2009)

Communications, Navigation: Antennas; Automatic Switching Centers; Faxes. / Panasonic.

Computers. / Canon; EasyDisk; Intell; Sunrise.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Accessories; Adapters; Antivirus; Applications for business; Audio Cards; Audio Systems; Cables; Card Readers; Cartridges; CD-ROMs; Communicators; Components; Computers; Controllers; Cords; Cullers; Cutting Plotters; Desktops; Disks; Drives; DVD; Expendables; Fans; Fax Modems; Flash; Floppy; Floppy Drives; Graphic Tablets; Hard Drives; HDDs; Housing; Interfaces; Keyboards; Laptop Bags; Manipulators; Memory; Memory Cards; Modems; Monitors; Motherboards; Multifunction Devices (MFPs); Network Adapters; Network Devices; Network Equipment; Notebooks; Operating Systems; Periphery; Platforms; Plotters; Power Supplies; Printers; Processors; Projectors; Routers; Scanners; SCS (Structured Cabling System); Servers; Sound Cards; Speakers; Surge Protectors; System Units; Toners; Tuners; UPS ; USB; Video Adapters; Video Capture Devices; Video Cards; Webcams. / AMD; ASUS; Canon; Celeron; Epson; HP Hewlett Packard; IBM; Intel; LG; Microsoft; NEC; Pentium; PHP; Samsung; Siemens; SONY; Toshiba; ZyXEL.

Electrical: Low Voltage; Motion Sensors. / Siemens.


Office equipment: Automatic Telephone Exchanges ; Autoresponders; Cartridges ; Copying machines ; Expendables ; Photocopiers ; Printers ; Scanners ; Toners . / Canon; Epson; HP Hewlett Packard; Sharp.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Siemens; Stal-service.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Hire; Implementation; Purveyance; Rent; Retail trade; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

157. Remont vikup avto avtozapchasti | Moscow | (24.01.2010)

Computers. / 1C; Canon; EasyDisk; EMAG; Inel; Intell; Kommtel; STK PRO; Sunrise.

Transportation, Logistics. / GOLION; GZEL.

Vehicle services. / BON Strahovanie; Promet; vtobroker 24.

Co-ordination; Creating; Development; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Exploitation; Hire; Implementation; Maintenance; Mounting; Orders; Production; Registration; Rent; Repair; Restoration; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Storing; Supply.

Representative offices: Achinsk; Ashgabat; Astrakhan; Athens; Atyrau; Dmitrov; Dubna (Mosk.); Dushanbe; Egorievsk; Evpatoria; Jekabpils; Martin; Sayanogorsk; Sevastopol; St. Petersburg; Yekaterinburg; Yeysk.

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