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1. Avto-delux | Moscow | (03.06.2009)

Passengers transportation.


2. Feagrodno | Grodno | (04.08.2009)

Clothing: Wedding clothes.

Home services.


3. Waterballs | (15.08.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.

Hire; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Wholesale trade.

4. Anpeko | Novosibirsk | (20.08.2009)

Computers, Accessories, Software: Programs.

Decor, Design.

Marketing, Advertising.

Social services.

Around the clock; Attendance; Barter; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Development; Hire; Implementation; Information; Orders; Preparation; Production; Registration; Search; Service; Styling; Training.

5. Sv-decor | Voskresensk (Mosk.) | (27.09.2009)

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.


Execution; Hire.

6. Aquarius Travel. Tourism in Armenia | Yerevan | (21.11.2009)

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Exhibition; Hire; Orders; Rent; Service.

7. Ameli gold DARINA | Almaty | (07.12.2009)

Children: Childrens cloth.

Clothing: Capes; Children's clothes; Dresses; Evening dresses; Fur goods; Men's cloth; Stockings; Suits; Underclothes; Wedding clothes.

Free time, Entertainment.

Health, Beauty.

Hire; Purveyance; Restoration; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Bishkek.

8. Flystreet | (06.09.2010)

Children: Scooters.

Entertainment, Culture.

Sport, Outdoors: Clothes; Kick scooter; Skateboard.

Hire; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Training; Wholesale trade.

9. Rest is in a quiet t atmosphere, Rivjera is Pearl | (26.01.2011)

Free time, Entertainment.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Development; Hire; Implementation.

10. Rkastra | Tyumen | (11.03.2011)

Beverages: Beer; Carbonated beverages; Carbonated water; Coffee; Cognac; Fizz; Juice; Low alcohol drinks; Soft drinks; Strong drinks; Tea; Vine; Water.

Entertainment, Culture.


Free time, Entertainment.

Tobacco: Cigarettes; Matches.

Attendance; Execution; Hire; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

11. Eavtoprokat | Moscow | (01.03.2011)

Sport, Outdoors: Yachts.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Mazda.

Hire; Rent.

12. Kirishivoz | Kirishi | (02.03.2011)

Transportation, Logistics.

Adjustment; Around the clock; Assessment; Attendance; Auction; Barter; Bundling; Buying; Connecting; Consulting; Co-ordination; Creating; Delivery; Designing; Development; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Exchange; Execution; Exhibition; Exploitation; Hire; Implementation; Information; Leasing; Maintenance; Mounting; Orders; Preparation; Production; Providing; Purveyance; Registration; Rent; Repair; Research; Restoration; Retail trade; Search; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service; Storing; Styling; Supply; Training; Tuning; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

13. Kursrunet | Moscow | (23.03.2011)

Communication services.

Communications, Navigation.


Computers, Accessories, Software.

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.




Sport, Outdoors.

Buying; Creating; Designing; Development; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Exchange; Exploitation; Hire; Search; Service; Styling; Training.

14. Ros-tent | St. Petersburg | (20.08.2011)

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Free time, Entertainment.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Equipment; Hire; Making; Mounting; Orders; Production; Providing; Rent; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

15. Lesnaya Gavan - recreation center! | Velikie Luky | (07.08.2011)

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Hire; Service.

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