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31. Triton-driving | Novosibirsk | (13.02.2010)

Safety, Security: Safety Signs.

Vehicle services. / BON Strahovanie; Promet; vtobroker 24.

Consulting; Preparation; Training.

32. Heatlife | Novosibirsk | (16.02.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Heat Insulation.

Construction, Maintenance.

Consulting; Designing; Mounting.

Representative offices: Barnaul; Gorno-Altaisk; Irkutsk; Kazan; Kemerovo; Krasnodar; Omsk; Yakutsk.

33. Nicloz-com | (08.04.2010)

Industrial materials.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Buying; Consulting; Information; Orders; Preparation.

34. Vaglife | Moscow | (13.04.2010)

Directories, Catalogs. / HTZ.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Bracelets; Business Gifts; Calendars; Embosses; Figurines; Gifts; Lamps; Models of Submarines; Signs; Souvenirs; Trinkets.

Tools: Accessories; Compressors; Drills; Fasteners; Jacks; Rigging; Screwdriver; Spares; Staplers; Wrenches. / Bosch; Makita.

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Audi; BMW; Porsche; Rolls-Royce; SAAB; SKODA; Tosol; Volkswagen; ntifriz.

Consulting; Implementation; Orders; Purveyance; Retail trade; Service; Supply; Wholesale trade.

35. Noutbuk-pc-almaty | Almaty | (11.05.2010)


Home services.

Office services.

Adjustment; Around the clock; Attendance; Consulting; Maintenance; Providing; Repair; Service; Tuning.

36. Amadeomaket | Moscow | (25.06.2010)

Construction structures and elements.

Consulting; Development; Styling.

37. Vizard-ufa | Ufa | (11.11.2010)

Computers, Accessories, Software. / 1C; MySQL.


Marketing, Advertising.

Consulting; Creating; Execution; Maintenance; Repair; Restoration; Styling.

38. Rostov-buket | Rostov-on-Don | (17.09.2010)

Flowers, Plants.

Around the clock; Consulting; Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Orders; Retail trade; Service; Styling; Wholesale trade.

39. Blagovest | Surgut | (06.10.2010)

Law, Legal services.

Social services.


40. Shop LTDnet | Kolomna | (08.12.2010)

Communication services.

Communications, Navigation: Automatic Switching Centers; Phones with ANI; Radio Telephones.


Computers, Accessories, Software: Accessories; Adapters; Applications for business; Audio Systems; Cables; Card Readers; CD-ROMs; Chargers; Components; Computers; Connectors; Controllers; Cullers; Drives; DVD; Expendables; Fans; Graphic Tablets; Hard Drives; HDDs; Housing; Keyboards; Laptop Bags; Mice; Modems; Monitors; Motherboards; Network Equipment; Power Supplies; Printers; Processors; Programs; Programs for home; Routers; Rugs; Servers; Speakers; Surge Protectors; System Units; UPS ; USB; Video Adapters; Video Cards; Warehouse Programs.


Office services.

Production services.

Trade services and supplies.

Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Designing; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Maintenance; Outsourcing; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Training; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

41. Artnatali | Ramenskoye | (10.12.2010)

Decor, Design.

Consulting; Creating; Designing; Development; Maintenance.

Representative offices: Bronnitsy; Moscow; Zhukovski.

42. Kirov | Kirov | (18.01.2011)

Pets: Means of Insects; Pet food; Toilets; Zoo Shampoo.

Consulting; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Orders; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

43. Climatoptima | Moscow | (10.01.2011)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control.

Consumer electronics, Appliances.


Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry.

Consulting; Delivery; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

44. Finsecurity-ufa | Ufa | (25.01.2011)

Law, Legal services.

Consulting; Registration.

45. Ibql | Moscow | (10.02.2011)

Construction structures and elements.

Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Mounting; Preparation; Providing; Retail trade.

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