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1. Perfit | Riga | (27.10.2009)

Free time, Entertainment.

Public organizations.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.


2. Eurostargroup | Riga | (18.09.2009)

Employment, Immigration, Citizenship.



Law, Legal services.

Information; Leasing; Search.

Representative offices: Dnepropetrovsk; Khabarovsk; Kharkov; Minsk; Moscow; St. Petersburg; Tokyo; Vladivostok; Yekaterinburg; Yerevan.

3. Auto-spar | Riga | (07.12.2010)

Passengers transportation.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Attendance; Delivery; Second-hand sale; Service.

4. Asfalt | Riga | (13.10.2009)

Building materials and supplies.

Construction, Maintenance.

Purveyance; Wholesale trade.

5. Pipetava | Riga | (19.03.2011)


6. Amber-flower | Riga | (30.09.2010)

Decor, Design.

Attendance; Delivery; Service; Styling.

7. Tennis camp Latvia | Riga | (29.03.2010)

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Consulting; Preparation; Training.

Representative offices: Kiev; Minsk; Moscow; St. Petersburg.

8. Dealwood | Riga | (15.01.2011)

Building materials and supplies: Coniferous Wood; Edge Glued Panels; Fibreboard; Lining Boards; MDF; Precious Wood; Rough Sawn; Sawn Timber; Square Logs. / Finnish doors; PolyFlor.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce).

9. Cars for rent, Car rental, Business class car rental,Truck rental. | Riga | (21.10.2010)

Transportation, Logistics.

Vehicle services.

Hire; Rent.

10. Choppershop | Riga | (29.08.2010)

Clothing: Children's clothes; Exclusive clothes; Gloves; Jackets; Leather goods; Men's cloth; Outer clothing; Overalls; Sleeveless jackets; Sleeveless sports shirts; Sports shirts; Waistcoats; Women's cloth; Youth clothes.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Retail trade.

11. Autotrans | Riga | (13.10.2009)

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Audi; BMW; Ferrari; FORD; Porsche; SKODA; Volkswagen.

Buying; Co-ordination; Registration; Retail trade; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale; Service.

Representative offices: Greven.

12. Terrainventus | Riga | (27.10.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.


Sport, Outdoors: Bicycles; Camping Gear and Equipment; Travel Equipment; Yachts.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.


Representative offices: Barcelona; Prague.

13. ERA.LV | Riga | (10.09.2002)

Decor, Design. / era.

Internet. / era.

Marketing, Advertising. / era.

Publishing, Printing. / era.

Consulting; Designing; Information; Providing; Styling.

Representative offices: Prague.

14. Mediaprint | Riga | (13.10.2009)

Decor, Design.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Business Gifts; Christmas Accessories; Gifts; Signs; Stickers.


Marketing, Advertising.

Execution; Production; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

15. Autotechnical center of Latina Ltd. | Riga | (11.06.2009)


Tools: Accessories; Cutting Pliers; Electric Tools; Fasteners; Grinders; Hammers; Jacks; Metal Tools; Pliers; Pneumatic Tools; Screwdriver; Sledge Hammers; Vises; Welding Equipment; Wrenches. / Metabo.

Transportation, Logistics.

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / Iveco; KaMZ; Lamberet; Man; MERSEDES; MZ; NEOPLAN; RENAULT; SCANIA; SETRA; Shmitz; VOLVO; ntifriz.

Around the clock; Attendance; Delivery; Equipment; Implementation; Mounting; Orders; Purveyance; Repair; Restoration; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Daugavpils; Jekabpils; Liepaja; Rezekne; Valmiera.