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1. Podarki62 | Ryazan | (06.05.2011)

Beauty products.


Decor, Design.


Free time, Entertainment.

Health, Beauty.

Household chemical.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

2. Word | Ryazan | (18.02.2009)

Computers, Accessories, Software: Computers; Keyboards; Mice; Monitors; Notebooks; Processors; Programs; Sound Cards; Speakers; Video Cards. / ASUS; Celeron; Intel; Samsung; Toshiba.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Cameras. / Olympus.

Delivery; Retail trade.

3. Zamknulo | Ryazan | (18.02.2009)

Communications, Navigation: Cell Phones.


Computers, Accessories, Software: Accessories; Controllers; Hard Drives; Headphones; Housing; Microphones; Modems; Motherboards; Notebooks; PDA; Platforms; Power Supplies; Processors; Programs; Sound Cards; Speakers; System Units; USB; Video Cards.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Accessories; Camcorders; Cameras; Players; Telephone with ANI; TV (Television).


Office equipment.

Tools: Planers.

Retail trade.

4. Avers | Ryazan | (20.02.2009)

Communications, Navigation: Automatic Switching Centers.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Applications for business; Desktops; Notebooks; PDA; Printers; Programs; Programs for home; SCS (Structured Cabling System); Servers. / Microsoft.

Office equipment: Copying machines . / Canon; HP Hewlett Packard; Konica; Minolta; NRG; Sharp.

Attendance; Repair; Retail trade.

5. Biliard62 | Ryazan | (24.04.2011)

Sport, Outdoors.

Retail trade.

6. Martfitness | Ryazan | (12.03.2011)

Travel, Recreation, Sports.


7. Domovoirzn | Ryazan | (10.09.2009)

Construction, Maintenance.


Retail trade.

8. Russprivod | Ryazan | (04.04.2009)

Industrial equipment.

Industrial materials.

Production; Repair; Wholesale trade.

9. Jurconsult | Ryazan | (10.03.2011)

Law, Legal services.


10. ooo-komfort | Ryazan | (28.09.2009)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Conditioners. / Daikin; Electrolux; Hitachi; LG; Mitsubishi; Panasonic; Samsung; Toshiba.

Attendance; Mounting; Purveyance.

11. Ecrn | Ryazan | (24.08.2010)


12. Begunok-obuv | Ryazan | (22.11.2010)

Children: Childrens shoes.

Footwear: Autumn footwear; Childrens footwear; High fur boots; Low shoes; Open-toe sandals; Sandals; Shoes; Spring footwear; Summer footwear; Winter footwear.

Retail trade.

13. Avtogruzplus | Ryazan | (25.04.2011)

Transportation, Logistics.

Around the clock; Attendance; Consulting; Delivery; Information; Maintenance; Orders; Purveyance; Supply.

14. Dostavka62 | Ryazan | (02.12.2009)

Flowers, Plants: Alstroemerias; Begonia; Carnations; Chrysanthemums; Gerberas; House Plants; Irises; Lilies; Living (Fresh Cut); Narcissus; Roses; Tulips; Violets.

Free time, Entertainment.

Post, Couriers, Messengers.


15. Pravostandart | Ryazan | (03.03.2010)

Law, Legal services.

Attendance; Consulting; Creating; Execution; Maintenance; Preparation; Registration.

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