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1. Region-35 | Cherepovets | (28.12.2009)

Transportation, Logistics.

Consulting; Delivery; Information.

2. Open35 | Cherepovets | (02.07.2009)

Directories, Catalogs.


3. Planetadetstva | Cherepovets | (05.08.2011)

Education, Training.


4. Roscarta | Cherepovets | (12.12.2010)


Communications, Navigation.

Directories, Catalogs.

Publishing, Printing.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Implementation; Production; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

5. 35inform | Cherepovets | (02.02.2010)

Directories, Catalogs.


6. Region-35 | Cherepovets | (10.09.2009)

Transportation, Logistics.


Representative offices: Cheboksary; Dmitrov; Dneprodzerzhinsk; Krasnodar; Lviv; Mezhdurechensk; Murmansk; Sochi; Vladimir; Zheltye Vody.

7. Quart35 | Cherepovets | (26.10.2009)

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Attendance; Consulting; Information; Mounting; Orders; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Styling; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: St. Petersburg; Vologda.

8. Geocarta | Cherepovets | (15.08.2009)



Office supplies, Stationery.

Publishing, Printing.

Production; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

9. Inkarta | Cherepovets | (22.01.2010)


Office supplies, Stationery.

Publishing, Printing.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Implementation; Production; Retail trade.

10. Skvagina | Cherepovets | (01.04.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Drainage Pipes; Floor; Floorings; Pipes; Polypropylene Pipes.

Construction, Maintenance.

Creating; Designing; Repair.

Representative offices: Vologda.

11. Msp-35 | Cherepovets | (26.10.2009)

Building materials and supplies: Dry Mixes; Sealants; Waterproofing.

Construction, Maintenance.

Attendance; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Vologda.

12. Severozapad | Cherepovets | (19.03.2010)

Beverages: Cognac; Strong drinks; Vine.

Building materials and supplies: Concrete; Pipes.


Food: Chicken; Frozen meat; Seafood; Spices.


Household chemical: Air Fresheners; Bleaching Powders; Cleaning Agents; Detergents; Dishes Washings; Household Soaps; Liquid Soap; Means of Hygiene; Pemolux; Soaps; Washing Powders.

Production services.

Trade services and supplies.

Transportation, Logistics.

Purveyance; Rent; Storing; Wholesale trade.

13. Belorashoes | Cherepovets | (24.02.2010)

Footwear: Autumn footwear; Childrens footwear; Dressing; Gym-shoes; High fur boots; House footwear; Inner soles; Low shoes; Mens footwear; Open-toe sandals; Running shoes; Sabot; Sandals; Shoes; Shoes accessories; Slantsi; Slippers; Sports footwear; Spring footwear; Summer footwear; Top-boots; Walking shoes; Winter footwear; Womens footwear. / Krasny Oktyabr; Marko; Otico; Sivelga.

Retail trade.

Representative offices: Vologda.

14. Vorota35 | Cherepovets | (14.02.2010)

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Attendance; Mounting; Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Vologda; Yaroslavl.

15. Klsprom | Cherepovets | (14.04.2010)

Construction, Maintenance.

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Automated Parking; Barriers; Cameras; Door Closers; Fire Fighting Equipment; Gate Automation; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Motion Detectors; Protection Means; Turnstiles; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems. / ADEMCO; CAME; NICE.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / Siemens.

Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Designing; Development; Exhibition; Implementation; Information; Production; Service; Tuning.

Representative offices: Moscow; Sokol.

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