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91. Real estate of Kharkov and area | Kharkov | (16.08.2009)


Consulting; Rent; Retail trade; Search.

92. Bbm-kharkov | Kharkov | (29.12.2010)


Business services.

Health goods.

Delivery; Orders; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

93. Photographer in Kharkov. Photos and Videos with ISkiZ Design. | Kharkov | (04.06.2010)

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Publishing, Printing.

Trade services and supplies.

Attendance; Exhibition; Styling.

94. Santehopt | Kharkov | (10.04.2010)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Ball Valves; Boiler Safety Assembly; Brackets; Crosses; Fastening Elements; Filters; Fittings; Flap Valves; Gas Filters; Hoses; Manometers; Mixers; Pedestal Sinks; Pipe Coupling; Pipe Shoes; Pipes; Polypropylene Pipes; Spigots; Stop Valves; Tee Fittings; Valves; Warm Floors; Water Filters.

Wholesale trade.

95. Scanshop | Kharkov | (14.06.2011)

Computers, Accessories, Software: Applications for business; Disks; Fans. / 1C.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Conditioners; Scales. / LG; Mitsubishi.

Trading, Meals, Services.

Delivery; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Dnepropetrovsk; Donetsk; Kiev; Odessa; Zaporozhye.

96. Stank | Kharkov | (30.03.2011)

Industrial equipment.

Repair; Retail trade; Second-hand sale.

97. Millennium - coat | Kharkov | (18.03.2009)

Clothing: Exclusive clothes; Headscarves; Knitted wear; Men's cloth; Outer clothing; Overcoats; Raincoats; Scarves; Shawls; Short coats; Youth clothes.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Information; Orders; Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Kiev; Lutsk; Odessa.

98. Atlantm-renault | Kharkov | (08.09.2011)

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / RENAULT.

Buying; Exchange; Implementation; Leasing; Retail trade; Warranty.

99. Ukrstroyinvest | Kharkov | (01.12.2009)

Building materials and supplies: Asbestos Cement Sheets; Bitumen; Dropped (False, Suspended) Ceiling; Metal Roof Tile; Roof Tile.

Construction, Maintenance.

Bundling; Designing; Mounting; Repair; Restoration.

100. Floris | Kharkov | (23.01.2010)

Decor, Design.

Flowers, Plants: Artificial; Bamboo; Begonia; Buxuses; Cactuses; Carnations; Ceramics; Chrysanthemums; Grass; House Plants; Inventory; Irises; Ornamental Flowerpots; Raffia; Roses; Seedlings; Soil; Vases.



Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce).

101. Vashamebel | Kharkov | (16.02.2011)

Decor, Design.

Furniture: Card Index Cabinets; Cupboards; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Furniture for Educational Institutions; Furniture for Health Facilities; Furniture for Industry; Furniture for Kindergartens; Gun Racks; Laboratory Furniture; Library Furniture; Papers Cases; Sliding-Door Wardrobes.

Delivery; Designing; Development; Execution; Implementation; Mounting; Production; Repair; Restoration; Styling; Warranty.

102. Chocolate | Kharkov | (12.01.2010)

Free time, Entertainment.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.


Representative offices: Belgorod.

103. Vmyatina | Kharkov | (25.01.2011)

Vehicle services.

Repair; Restoration; Service.

104. Aizol | Kharkov | (19.01.2011)

Industrial equipment.

Industrial materials.

Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

105. Shellsouvenir | Kharkov | (21.05.2010)

Entertainment, Culture.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Caskets; Gifts; Paintings; Panels; Postcards; Souvenirs; Wall Decorations.

Interior: Paintings.

Retail trade.

Representative offices: Istanbul; Melitopol; Nikolaev; Odessa; Sevastopol; Severomorsk; Simferopol; Sochi; Sofia; Stavropol; Sudak.

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