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1. I-tex | Abakan | (21.01.2010)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Climate Control Equipment.

Communication services.

Communications, Navigation: Automatic Switching Centers; Loud Speaker Communication.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Network Adapters; Network Devices; Network Equipment.

Construction, Maintenance.

Office equipment: Automatic Telephone Exchanges ; Telephones .

Office services.

Safety, Security: Access Control Systems; Access Controls; Announcer; Annunciators; Automated Parking; Barriers; Bugs Protection; Cameras; Door Closers; Electric Locks; Fire Cabinets; Fire Engines; Fire Fighting Equipment; Fire Protection Alarm; Gate Automation; Intercom Communications; Intercoms; Lenses; Locks; Metal Detectors; Monitors; Motion Detectors; Protection Means; Protective Alarms; Turnstiles; Video Intercoms; Video Surveillance Systems; Video Tape Recorders.

Safety, Security, Investigation.

Attendance; Bundling; Connecting; Consulting; Designing; Development; Equipment; Orders; Preparation; Providing; Purveyance; Retail trade; Service; Tuning; Wholesale trade.

2. Ajur-1 | Abakan | (08.11.2010)

Construction structures and elements. / Stroj-Service.


Representative offices: Dobrich.

3. | Abakan | (03.09.2010)


Vehicles parts and accessories.

Buying; Purveyance; Second-hand purchase; Second-hand sale.

4. Impression | Abakan | (01.07.2010)

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Business Gifts; Gift Sets; Gifts.

Delivery; Retail trade.

Representative offices: Yekaterinburg.