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1. Print26 | Pyatigorsk | (20.01.2010)


Orders; Service.

2. El-ezer | Pyatigorsk | (05.02.2010)

Clothing: Fur coats.

Production; Purveyance.

Representative offices: Balakovo; Moscow.

3. Elenamex | Pyatigorsk | (18.05.2010)

Clothing: Fur coats.

Production; Wholesale trade.

4. mex-kmv | Pyatigorsk | (05.02.2010)

Clothing: Fur coats; Fur goods; Waistcoats.

Directories, Catalogs.

Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

5. Studiofiesta | Pyatigorsk | (17.02.2011)

Free time, Entertainment.

Home services.


Representative offices: Essentuky; Kislovodsk; Mineralniye Vody; Stavropol; Vladikavkaz; Zheleznovodsk.

6. Palletkmv | Pyatigorsk | (29.07.2010)

Industrial equipment.

Industrial materials.

Buying; Production; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Essentuky; Kislovodsk; Stavropol.

7. Onlyword | Pyatigorsk | (11.12.2009)

Education, Training.


Around the clock; Consulting; Information; Orders; Training.

8. Agentstvo nedvigimostu KOMFORT | Pyatigorsk | (18.05.2009)

Realty. / Renta.

Buying; Exchange; Rent; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Mineralniye Vody.

9. Pervomai-172 | Pyatigorsk | (15.02.2011)

Flowers, Plants: Bamboo; Begonia; Bulbous; Cactuses; Carnations; Ceramics; Chrysanthemums; Fertilizers; Gerberas; Hibiscus; House Plants; Hyacinths; Inventory; Irises; Leaves; Lilies; Living (Fresh Cut); Ornamental Flowerpots; Pot Plants; Pots; Roses; Seedlings; Soil; Tulips; Vases; Verbenas.

Retail trade.

10. Kfilipp | Pyatigorsk | (20.03.2010)

Computers. / Canon; Intell.

Attendance; Repair; Service.

11. Sneg-design | Pyatigorsk | (21.08.2009)


Marketing, Advertising.

Publishing, Printing.

Development; Styling.

12. Veschica-kmv | Pyatigorsk | (24.08.2011)

Children: Childrens cloth; Childrens shoes; Newborn clothes.

Clocks, Watches: Auto Wind Watch; Chronographs; Chronometers; Mechanical Clocks; Watches.

Clothing: Blazers; Blouses; Brassieres; Capes; Chemises; Children's clothes; Coats; Drawers; Dresses; Dressing gowns; Evening dresses; Exclusive clothes; Fur coats; Fur goods; Gaiters; Gloves; Hats; Jackets; Jackets; Jeans; Jeans clothes; Jumpers; Knee-length socks; Knitted wear; Linens; Losini; Maternity; Men's cloth; Outer clothing; Overalls; Overcoats; Pants; Polo-neck; Pullovers; Raincoats; Scarves; Shirts; Short coats; Shorts; Sleeveless sports shirts; Sports shirts; Suits; Sun-dresses; Sweaters; Swimsuits; Tights; Tops; Trousers; Underclothes; Waistcoats; Youth clothes.

Footwear: Autumn footwear; Childrens footwear; Gym-shoes; House footwear; Low shoes; Open-toe sandals; Running shoes; Sabot; Sandals; Shoes; Spring footwear; Summer footwear; Top-boots; Walking shoes; Winter footwear; Womens footwear.


Retail trade; Wholesale trade.