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1. Art-indigo | Noginsk | (18.03.2009)

Marketing, Advertising.


2. Satyrn-a | Noginsk | (12.02.2011)

Free time, Entertainment.

Social services.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Attendance; Service; Training.

3. plush and bob | Noginsk | (30.07.2009)

Pets: Kittens.

Consulting; Retail trade.

Representative offices: Moscow.

4. Helpmens | Noginsk | (28.06.2010)

Construction, Maintenance.

Home services.

Mounting; Repair.

Representative offices: Balashikha; Electrostal; Staraya Kupavna; Zheleznodorozhniy.

5. mix251 | Noginsk | (03.08.2010)

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Phones. / Sony.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Retail trade.

6. kamelot | Noginsk | (21.03.2009)


Assessment; Buying; Exchange; Preparation; Rent; Retail trade.

Representative offices: Electrostal.

7. Company-sweethome | Noginsk | (14.04.2010)

Building materials and supplies: Drainage Systems; Stairs. / DIZAYN GROUP; Fakro; Roca.

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Mounting; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Moscow.

8. Oookorund | Noginsk | (14.06.2010)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Toilet Tanks; Water Tanks.

Directories, Catalogs. / HTZ.

Home services.

Household accessories: Carts. / Kontinental; OKB Impuls.

Industrial equipment.

Production services.

Textiles. / Van Lathem.

Tools. / KARCHER.

Exchange; Production; Providing.

9. FELIX | Noginsk | (25.05.2009)

Free time, Entertainment.

Social services.

Attendance; Implementation; Service.

10. Moyzemlya | Noginsk | (24.02.2011)


Representative offices: Electrostal.

11. Company-sweethome | Noginsk | (13.10.2009)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Bath Panels; Baths; Bidet; Boiler House; Boilers; Boiling Equipment; Clamps; Cleaning Equipment; Electric Heaters; Equipment Installation; Expansion Tanks; Fan Heaters; Fans; Fitting Systems; Flanges; Flexible Connectors (Hoses); Furnaces; Gas Filters; Gas Meters; Gas Water Heaters; Hardware; Heat Automatic Equipment; Heaters; Heating Equipment; Hoses; Mixers; Pedestal Sinks; Pipe Shoes; Pipes; Piping; Polypropylene Pipes; Pumps; Radiators; Sanitary Wares; Septic Systems; Service (Supply) Lines; Sink Valves; Sinks; Siphons; Spigots; Split System; Tee Fittings; Toilet Cabins; Toilet Tanks; Toilets (Lavatory Pans); Towel Driers; Urinals; Valves; Ventilation Gratings; Wash Bowls; Washbasins; Washing Devices; Water Filters; Water Heaters; Water Meters; Water Supply Systems; Water Treatment Equipment; Water Treatment Systems.

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Law, Legal services.


Assessment; Buying; Consulting; Co-ordination; Exchange; Execution; Maintenance; Mounting; Registration; Rent; Repair; Restoration.