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16. Planeta-anapa | Anapa | (26.01.2010)


Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Assessment; Buying; Exchange; Execution; Preparation; Rent; Search.

Representative offices: Novorossiysk.

17. Cleaner-master | Anapa | (10.04.2011)

Construction, Maintenance.

Home services.

Office services.

Production services.

Public organizations.

Social services.

Trade services and supplies.

Assessment; Attendance; Training.

Representative offices: Adler; Krasnodar; Sochi.

18. Anapa-kayf | Anapa | (11.06.2011)

Free time, Entertainment.

Social services.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Consulting; Information; Orders; Rent.

19. Uslugi-v-anape | Anapa | (19.03.2011)

Business services.

Construction, Maintenance.

Home services. / Komfort.

Office services.

Production services.

Trade services and supplies.

Transportation, Logistics.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.


20. Butik ITALIANO | Anapa | (21.03.2011)

Clothing: Blouses; Brassieres; Dressing gowns; Exclusive clothes; Gloves; Head-dresses; Jackets; Jeans; Jeans clothes; Knee-length socks; Leather goods; Linens; Losini; Men's cloth; Overalls; Pants; Polo-neck; Shorts; Sleeveless sports shirts; Socks; Stockings; Sun-dresses; Swimsuits; Tights; Tops; Trousers; Underclothes; Youth clothes. / Glamoure; Golden Lady; PIERRE CARDIN.


Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Krasnodar; Novorossiysk.

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