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1. Mmaron | Kursk | (11.07.2011)

Health, Beauty.


Representative offices: Orel.

2. Omelon-1 | Kursk | (04.02.2010)

Health goods: Tonometers.

Implementation; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Moscow; St. Petersburg.

3. Celie | Kursk | (04.06.2009)

Building materials and supplies: Windows.

Construction, Maintenance.

Mounting; Repair.

4. Unosty | Kursk | (20.04.2011)

Free time, Entertainment.


5. Foto-raduga | Kursk | (17.12.2009)

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Business Gifts; Calendars; Gifts; Souvenirs.


6. Carstvo-aromatov-krima | Kursk | (10.11.2009)

Beauty products: Balsams; Childrens Skin Oils; Childrens Soaps; Cosmetic Sets; Creams; Gels; Gift Sets; Hair Masks; Make Up Removers; Masks; Scrubs; Shaving Balsams; Soaps; Sunburn Reliefs; Tonics.

Health, Beauty.

Retail trade.

Representative offices: Belgorod; Kharkov; Nizhni Novgorod.

7. Altesse | Kursk | (19.08.2009)

Vehicle services.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / PEUGEOT.

Retail trade; Service; Warranty.

8. Ella-make-up | Kursk | (12.03.2010)

Beauty products: Blush; Cosmetic Sets; Creams; Depilatory; Depilatory Wax; Eye Liners; Eye Shadows; Foams; Lip Glosses; Lipsticks; Liquid Lipstick; Mascara; Milks; Pencils; Powders; Scrubs; Temporary Tattoo; Toners; Tonics. / L'Oreal; Schwarzkopf.

Health, Beauty.

Creating; Execution; Production; Providing; Purveyance; Retail trade.

Representative offices: Moscow.

9. Malashenko | Kursk | (09.04.2011)

Computers. / 1C.


Marketing, Advertising.

Office services.

Adjustment; Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Development; Information; Making; Orders; Registration; Service; Styling; Tuning.