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1. OTOPLENIE.RU | Moscow | (24.09.2002)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control: Air Curtains; Air Heaters; Boilers; Calorifers; Clamps; Climate Control Equipment; Electric Heaters; Equipment Installation; Fittings; Forced Air Heaters; Furnaces; Gas Meters; Heat Meters; Heat Sensors; Heaters; Heating Air Curtains; Infrared Cabins; Radiators; Split System; Water Supply Systems. / EkoLine; HYUNDAI; Purmo; Toshiba.

Building materials and supplies.

Construction structures and elements.

Consumer electronics, Appliances: Gas Meters; Heaters; Ionizers. / EkoLine; HYUNDAI; Toshiba.


Barter; Connecting; Consulting; Delivery; Designing; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Production; Purveyance; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

2. SEOUL.RU | Moscow | (04.11.2002)

Bathroom, Plumbing, Climate control.

Building materials and supplies.

Construction structures and elements.

Industrial materials.

Connecting; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Equipment; Purveyance; Retail trade; Supply; Wholesale trade.

3. Ipmp | Moscow | (06.05.2009)

Decor, Design.

4. Shkaf kupe na zakaz po individualnomu proektu | Moscow | (23.05.2009)

Furniture: Kitchens; Sliding-Door Wardrobes.


5. Advokat PRIDANOV A. | Moscow | (01.06.2009)

Law, Legal services.

Attendance; Consulting.

6. Sowik | Moscow | (02.06.2009)

Construction, Maintenance. / BAXI; Izoterm; RKON.


Representative offices: Odintsovo.

7. Avto-delux | Moscow | (03.06.2009)

Passengers transportation.


8. tacsiavilon | Moscow | (06.06.2009)

Passengers transportation.


9. spravka-schet, kupla-prodaga | Moscow | (24.05.2009)

Vehicle services.

Around the clock; Consulting; Delivery; Execution; Registration.

Representative offices: Krasnogorsk; Zelenograd.

10. | Moscow | (05.06.2009)

Communication services.

Connecting; Delivery; Mounting; Tuning.

11. taxi avilon | Moscow | (26.05.2009)

Passengers transportation.

12. Watches for best price | Moscow | (31.05.2009)

Clocks, Watches: Auto Wind Watch; Bracelets; Chronographs; Chronometers; Mechanical Clocks; Quartz Watches; Watches. / Breguet; Calvin Klein; Chopard; Citizen; Rado; Seiko.

Clothing accessories.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Watches.

Retail trade.

Representative offices: Kiev; Lugansk; San Francisco; Vladivostok.

13. AV Architects | Moscow | (07.05.2009)

Decor, Design.

Creating; Designing; Development; Styling.

Representative offices: Dnepropetrovsk; Evpatoria; Feodosiya; Khimky; Kiev; Sevastopol; Simferopol; Sudak; Yalta.

14. repair of furniture | Moscow | (14.05.2009)

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Home services.

Repair; Restoration; Service; Styling.

Representative offices: Lyubertsy.

15. Mebel-www | Moscow | (27.05.2009)

Furniture: Accessories; Armchairs; Banquettes; Bathroom Furniture; Bedrooms; Beds; Bedside Tables; Blackboards; Bookcases; Cabinet Furniture; Canteens; Card Index Cabinets; Chairs; Childrens Furniture; Coffee Tables; Computer Desks; Corners; Couches; Cupboards; Desks; Dining Tables; Exclusive Furniture by Request; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Furniture for Educational Institutions; Furniture for Kindergartens; Garden Furniture; Hall Furniture; Hangers; Hi-Fi Racks; Kitchen Furniture; Kitchen Tables; Kitchens; Leader Chairs; Library Furniture; Mattresses; Mirrors; Office Furniture; Office Partitions; Office Tables; Offices; Papers Cases; Reception Desk; Safes; Shelves; Shelving; Sliding-Door Wardrobes; Sofas; Stools; Suites; TV Stands; Upholstered Furniture; Wardrobes; Waste Paper Baskets; Workbenches; Working Places; Worktops; Writing Table.

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