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16. 7mir | Arkhangelsk | (23.12.2009)

Building materials and supplies: Accessories; Acrylic Glass; Adhesive Films; Adhesives; Alabaster; Asbestos Cement Products; Asbestos Cement Sheets; Balusters; Bitumen; Blocks; Bricks; Cables; Calcium Carbonate; Catch Basins; Ceiling Panels; Ceilings; Cement; Cementing Materials; Ceramic Granite; Ceramic Tiles; Chipboard; Commercial Vinyl; Componentry; Concrete; Coniferous Wood; Cork Floors; Curbs; Doors; Drainage Pipes; Drainage Systems; Dropped (False, Suspended) Ceiling; Dry Mixes; Drying Oils; Edge Glued Panels; Enamel Bath Paints; Enamels; Fasteners; Felt Paper; Fiberglass Plastic; Fibreboard; Films; Floor; Floor Carpet Coverings; Floorings; Foams; Gas (Foamed) Concrete Bricks; Glass; Glass Blocks; Glass Fabric (Tissue, Cloth); Grates; Gypsum Slag Blocks; Hardware; Hatches; Heat Insulation; Hinges; Impregnations; Ironmongery; Laminate; Lamps; Laths; Limestone Powder; Lining Boards; Liquid Nails; Locks; Macadam; Machine Nuts; Machine Screws; Marble; Marble Gravel; Masonry Materials; Mastics; MDF; Metal; Metal Roof Tile; Metal Siding; Mosaic Tile; Mouldings; Multi (Twin) Wall Polycarbonate; Multiple Pane (Double Glass etc.); Nails; Organic Glass (Plexiglass); Packaging Equipment; Paint Colours; Paints; Panels; Parquet; Parquet Boards; Paving Tile; Pipes; Plasterboard; Plasters; Plywood; Polyfoam; Polypropylene Pipes; Polypropylene Sheets; Polystyrene; Precious Wood; Prepacking Equipment; Primers; Production Equipment; Profiles; Putties; PVC; Reinforcement; Road Materials; Rolled Metal; Rolled Wire; Roof Tile; Rough Sawn; Round Logs; Runoff Drainage; Sand; Sawn Timber; SBS/APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membranes; Scaffold; Sealants; Seam Metal Roofing; Self Tapping (Drilling) Screws; Sheets; Siding; Sills; Smoothing Materials; Solid Polycarbonate Sheeting; Solvents; Square Logs; Stains; Stairs; Steel Profile Sheets; Steel Reinforced Concrete Products; Stone; Thresholds; Tools; Trims Casings; Varnishes; Vinyl Flooring; Vinyl Welding Rods; Wall Panels; Wallpapers; Water Resistant Plywood; Waterproofing; Well Rings; Whitewashing; Windows; Wire Netting; Wires; Wood Screws; Worktops. / Bolars; Moment; Tex.

Garden: Axes; Brooms; Buckets; Bush Cutters; Chain Saw Spares; Chain Saws; Concrete Mixers; Crow-Bars; Electric Tools; Fencing; Fertilizers; Forks; Furnace Casting; Garden Equipment; Garden Irrigators; Garden tractors; Greenhouses; Ground; Hand Saws; Hoes; Hose Connectors; Hoses; Inventory; Irrigation Equipment; Kerosene Lamps; Knives; Ladders; Lawn Mowers; Lawn Shears; Lawns; Loppers; Nails; Plant Protection Means; Polyethylene Film; Pots; Pumps; Rakes; Saplings; Saws; Scythes; Secateurs; Seedlings; Seeds; Shovels; Sickle; Sprayers; Step Ladders; Tillers; Tools; Trolleys & Wheelbarrows; Water Heaters; Watering Cans.


Tools: Abrasives; Accessories; Augers; Axes; Band Saws; Blow Lamps; Brushes; Circular Saws; Diamond Discs; Drills; Files; Gasoline Augers; Gasoline Pumps; Hacksaws; Knives; Milling Cutters; Paint Sprayers; Planers; Pliers; Rollers; Shears; Tape-Measures; Tools Boxes; Vises; Winches; Wood Choppers.

Purveyance; Repair; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Novodvinsk; Severodvinsk.

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