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1. Vostok | Arkhangelsk | (22.05.2009)

Clothing: Working clothes.

Footwear: Special footwear.

Household accessories: Baskets; Brooms; Brushes; Dust Pans; Garbage Bags; Mops; Paper Towels; Sachets; Wash-Basins.

Industrial equipment.

Textiles: Accessories.

Delivery; Production; Retail trade.

2. Manufaktura | Arkhangelsk | (22.05.2009)

Beauty products: Balsams; Creams; Foam for Bath; Gels; Gift Sets; Salts; Shampoos; Shower Gels; Soaps; Toners.

3. Avon-29 | Arkhangelsk | (26.05.2009)

Beauty products: Balsams; Blush; Body Gels; Body Glosses; Bronzers; Conditioners; Cosmetic Sets; Creams; Deodorants; Eye Liners; Eye Shadows; Foam for Bath; Foams; Gels; Gift Sets; Hair Gels; Hair Masks; Hair Sprays; Lip Glosses; Lipsticks; Liquid Lipstick; Liquid Soaps; Lotions; Mascara; Masks; Massage Gels; Mousses; Nail Enamel Removers; Nail Polishes; Nail Stickers; Pencils; Perfume; Powders; Scrubs; Shampoos; Shaving; Shaving Balsams; Shaving Foams; Shower Gels; Sunburn Reliefs; Sunscreens; Toilet Water; Toners; Tonics. / AVON.

Employment, Immigration, Citizenship.

Health, Beauty.

Buying; Retail trade; Training.

Representative offices: Novodvinsk.

4. Equator29 | Arkhangelsk | (29.10.2010)

Free time, Entertainment.

5. Svsteklo | Arkhangelsk | (22.06.2010)

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Production; Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

6. Topo-karta | Arkhangelsk | (21.06.2009)

Communications, Navigation.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Retail trade.

7. Shimko | Arkhangelsk | (02.02.2011)

Construction, Maintenance.


8. Arhmix | Arkhangelsk | (03.09.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.

Flowers, Plants.

Free time, Entertainment.

Orders; Retail trade.

9. Cb-radio1 | Arkhangelsk | (05.03.2010)

Communications, Navigation: Radio.

Vehicles parts and accessories. / GZ; VZ.

10. TK-Dvina | Arkhangelsk | (04.04.2010)

Transportation, Logistics.

Attendance; Delivery.

11. Smt-7 | Arkhangelsk | (23.05.2011)

Building materials and supplies. / Grohe.

Construction structures and elements. / Stairs.

Construction, Maintenance.

Making; Mounting; Rent; Tuning.

12. Oknaplus | Arkhangelsk | (06.08.2011)

Construction structures and elements.

Decor, Design.

Interior: Curtains; Doors; Portieres; Window Blinds; Windows.

Execution; Repair; Service; Styling.

13. Arhlab | Arkhangelsk | (18.11.2009)

Marketing, Advertising.

Production; Research; Styling.

14. Centr-in | Arkhangelsk | (29.07.2010)

Computers. / 1C.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Computers; Network Equipment; Servers; Soft.


Adjustment; Attendance; Connecting; Consulting; Creating; Designing; Development; Implementation; Maintenance; Providing; Purveyance; Service; Styling; Training; Tuning.

15. Old Archangelsk | Arkhangelsk | (28.11.2010)

Directories, Catalogs.

Law, Legal services.

Production services.

Social services.

Transportation, Logistics.

Assessment; Attendance; Consulting; Co-ordination; Development; Execution; Implementation; Information; Maintenance; Orders; Preparation; Providing; Registration; Service.

Representative offices: Kaliningrad; Kirov; Murmansk; Narva; Petrozavodsk; Pushino; Pushkino; Rybinsk; Severodvinsk; Severomorsk; St. Petersburg; Syktyvkar; Tihvin; Tikhoretsk; Totima; Ukhta; Velikiy Ustug; Vologda; Vorkuta; Voskresensk (Mosk.); Vyborg; Yaroslavl.

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