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1. Halox | Moscow | (28.02.2011)

Sport, Outdoors: Fishing Goods; Fishing Rods; Fishing Tackles; Life Vests; Rubber Inflatable Boats. / Daiwa; Shimano.

Retail trade.

2. MTB City | Tula | (10.04.2009)

Sport, Outdoors: Bicycles. / Rock Machine; Shimano.

Information; Training; Tuning.

Representative offices: Moscow; Novomoskovsk.

3. MEGRA.RU | Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski | (30.01.2003)

Directories, Catalogs.

Free time, Entertainment.

Sport, Outdoors: Fishing Goods; Fishing Rods; Fishing Tackles. / Caliber; Daiwa; Okuma; Shimano.

Travel, Recreation, Sports. / Megra.

Attendance; Maintenance; Providing.

Representative offices: Moscow; St. Petersburg.

4. Weekend | Yekaterinburg | (19.07.2011)

Sport, Outdoors: Axes; Backpacks (Rucksacks); BBQ; Beds; Bicycles; Boats; Braziers; Camp Beds; Camping Gear and Equipment; Carpets; Clothes; Dumbbells; Fisherman Sets; Fishing Goods; Fishing Line; Fishing Reels; Fishing Rods; Fishing Tackles; Fitness Equipment; Flashlights; Hoops; Marquees; Massage Machines; Massagers; Mats; Mattresses; Motor Boats; Outboard Motors; Outfit; Playgrounds; Pots; Recreation Equipment; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Skates; Skis; Sledges; Sleeping Bags; Smokers; Spoons; Stationary Exercise Bikes; Tents; Thermoses; Tourism Furniture; Trainers; Travel Equipment; Treadmills. / Kettler; Shimano; Torneo.

Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: Chelyabinsk.

5. REALSPORT.RU | Rybinsk | (21.02.2003)

Business services.

Sport, Outdoors: Accessories; Backpacks (Rucksacks); Badminton; Balls; Baseball Caps; Basketball; Belts; Bicycles; Bicycles Spare; Board Games; Boats; Camp Beds; Camping Gear and Equipment; Caps; Carbines; Checkers; Chess; Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment; Clothes; Compasses; Darts; Dumbbells; Expanders; Fins; Fitness Equipment; Flashlights; Football (Soccer); Gym Inventory; Health Goods; Helmets; Hockey; Hunting Goods; Jet Skis; Judo; Karate; Kayaks; Kick scooter; Kites; Knees; Knives; Launches; Life Vests; Masks; Massage Machines; Massagers; Mats; Mattresses; Motor Boats; Oars; Outfit; Pots; Pumps; Racket; Recreation Equipment; Roller Skates; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Sailing Boards; Sambo; Shoes; Shuttlecocks; Skateboard; Skates; Skipping Ropes; Skis; Sledges; Sleeves; Snowmobiles; Solariums; Spares; Sport Uniform; Sports Nutrition; Stationary Exercise Bikes; Stopwatches; Surfing; Swim Rings; Swimming Caps; Swimming Pools; Taekwondo; Tatami; Tennis; Tennis Tables; Thermoses; Tourism Furniture; Trainers; Travel Equipment; Treadmills; Tubes; Underwater Guns; Vests-Compensators; Volleyball; Water Skis; Weights; Wetsuits; Windsurfing. / Gala; Kanat; Kettler; Omega; Rock Machine; Schwinn; Scout; Shimano; Vihr; Weider.

Barter; Equipment; Orders; Retail trade; Service; Wholesale trade.

6. extremeplanet | St. Petersburg | (22.03.2009)

Business services.

Children: Bikes & Trikes; Bouncers; Gifts & Keepsakes; Jokes (tricks); Radiocontrolled toys; Scooters.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Marketing, Advertising. / Amadeus; Debby; Ekso-Service; era; Olden advertising group;; Perspektiva; PolimerSTILE; QuantumArt; REPORTER; SYMBOL;

Sport, Outdoors: ATVs; Bicycles; Boats; Catamarans; Electric Cars; Jet Skis; Kick scooter; Launches; Mopeds; Motor Boats; Motorcycles Spare; Road Bikes; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Skateboard; Sledges; Surfing. / Ya language school; Bestway; Caliber; Daiwa; Fuji; Gala; Gold Cup; GRIFON-V; Gumotex; Honda; Inovatrack; Intex; K & L Blade; Kanat; Kettler; Leader; Mercury; Mongoose; Neptun; Nyrok; Okuma; Omega; Orion; Otto; Roces; Rock Machine; Salut; Schwinn; Scout; Shimano; Supreme; Teros; Torneo; Triatlon; Veterok; Vihr; Weider; Yamaha; Yaz.

Trade services and supplies.

Travel, Recreation, Sports. / BON Strahovanie; Kanat; Megra; Sanatorii KMV; Teros.

Vehicle services. / vtobroker 24.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Exploitation; Hire; Information; Purveyance; Rent; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Service; Warranty; Wholesale trade.