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1. Store goods for recreation and travel | Kiev | (26.04.2010)

Garden: Greenhouses.

Sport, Outdoors: BBQ; Braziers; Thermoses; Ware.

Vehicles parts and accessories.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Hire; Retail trade.

2. Karabin-nvkz | Novokuznetsk | (26.03.2010)

Clothing: Blazers; Capes; Caps; Jackets; Overalls; Raincoats; Sport clothes; Sports shirts.

Footwear: Dressing; Gym-shoes; Mens footwear; Shoes; Shoes accessories; Special footwear; Sports footwear.

Sport, Outdoors: Axes; Backpacks (Rucksacks); Books; Braziers; Camping Gear and Equipment; Caps; Carbines; Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment; Compasses; Flashlights; Flasks; Goggles; Hooks; Knives; Pots; Recreation Equipment; Shoes; Sleeping Bags; Tents; Thermoses; Tourism Furniture; Travel Equipment; Ware.

Retail trade; Wholesale trade.

3. GRIPHON-V.RU | Rostov-on-Don | (15.03.2003)

Clothing: Baseball caps; Caps; Gloves; Hats; Head-dresses; Jackets; Linens; Military uniform; Outer clothing; Overalls; Panamas; Pants; Pullovers; Scarves; Second hand clothes; Shorts; Sleeveless sports shirts; Socks; Suits; Sweaters; Trousers; Women's cloth; Working clothes; Youth clothes. / Alpha Industries; Deerhunter; Franconia Jagd; Hunters Specialties; Rothco; Shark Group; Sturm.

Footwear: Autumn footwear; Inner soles; Mens footwear; Rubber footwear; Shoes; Special footwear; Top-boots; Walking shoes; Winter footwear; Working footwear. / Altama.

Safety, Security: Metal Detectors; Overall; Protection Means; Safes; Weapon. / GUARDIAN.

Safety, Security, Investigation. / PIT.

Sport, Outdoors: Accessories; Backpacks (Rucksacks); Belts; Clothes; Fishing Goods; Flashlights; Flasks; Goggles; Hunting Goods; Knives; Shoes; Sleeping Bags; Ware. / GRIFON-V.

Travel, Recreation, Sports.

Assessment; Buying; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Restoration; Retail trade; Second-hand sale; Training.

4. ADMIRAL-GROUP.RU | Moscow | (05.05.2002)

Clocks, Watches: Watches. / TIMEX.

Sport, Outdoors: Accessories; ATVs; Axes; Backpacks (Rucksacks); Balls; Beds; Belts; Bicycles; Bio Toilets; Boats; Books; Camp Beds; Caps; Carbines; Carpets; Catamarans; Checkers; Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment; Clothes; Compasses; Diving Equipment; Fins; Fish Hooks; Fishing Floats; Fishing Goods; Fishing Line; Fishing Reels; Fishing Rods; Fishing Tackles; Flashlights; Flasks; Goggles; Helmets; Hooks; Inflatable Toys; Jet Skis; Kayaks; Kick scooter; Kites; Knives; Launches; Life Vests; Masks; Massagers; Mats; Mattresses; Mopeds; Motor Boats; Nets; Oars; Off Road Vehicles; Outboard Motors; Outfit; Pots; Racket; Ropes; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Sailing Boards; Searchlights; Shoes; Shuttlecocks; Skis; Sledges; Sleeping Bags; Sleeves; Snowmobiles; Spares; Surfing; Swim Rings; Swimming Caps; Swimming Pools; Swings; Tents; Thermoses; Tourism Furniture; Trailers; Trinkets; Tubes; Underwater Guns; Vests-Compensators; Wakeboards; Ware; Wetsuits; Windsurfing; Yachts.

Attendance; Orders; Repair; Retail trade; Service; Wholesale trade.

Representative offices: St. Petersburg.

5. | Moscow | (03.08.2009)

Computers. / 1C; Canon; EasyDisk; EMAG; Intell.

Computers, Accessories, Software: Accessories; Adapters; Applications for business; Audio Cards; Audio Systems; Cables; Card Readers; Care products; Cartridges; CD-ROMs; Chargers; Communicators; Components; Computer Games; Computers; Connectors; Consoles; Controllers; Cords; Cullers; Cutting Plotters; Desktops; Digitizers; Disks; Display Stands; Drives; DVD; Expendables; Fans; Fax Modems; Flash; Floppy; Floppy Drives; Game Consoles; Graphic Tablets; Handlebars; Hard Drives; HDDs; Headphones; Housing; Interfaces; Joysticks; Keyboards; Laptop Bags; Manipulators; Memory; Memory Cards; Mice; Microphones; Modems; Monitors; Motherboards; Multifunction Devices (MFPs); Multimedia; Network Adapters; Network Devices; Network Equipment; Notebooks; Operating Systems; PDA; Periphery; Platforms; Plotters; Power Supplies; Printers; Processors; Programs; Programs for home; Projectors; Protective Screens; Routers; Rugs; Scanners; SCS (Structured Cabling System); Servers; Sound Cards; Speakers; Surge Protectors; Switches; System Units; Toners; Tuners; UPS ; USB; Video Adapters; Video Capture Devices; Video Cards; Webcams. / 1C; 3-COM; Acorp; AMD; ASUS; Canon; Celeron; HP Hewlett Packard; IBM; Intel; LG; Microsoft; Mustek; MySQL; NEC; Pentium; RoverScan; Samsung; Siemens; SONY; StandardSite; Toshiba; Umax; UNIX; ViewSonic; ZyXEL.

Sport, Outdoors: Backpacks (Rucksacks); BBQ; Bio Toilets; Camping Gear and Equipment; Carpets; Dumbbells; Fins; Fishing Goods; Kayaks; Knives; Roller Skates; Rubber Inflatable Boats; Skates; Sledges; Smokers; Spoons; Swimming Pools; Travel Equipment; Treadmills; Ware; Weights.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Retail trade; Wholesale trade.