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1. Statuya | Moscow | (26.10.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.

Trading, Meals, Services. / KARDEX.

2. Iskusstvo | Kishinev | (31.01.2010)

Entertainment, Culture.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Business Gifts; Figurines; Gifts; Souvenirs.

Delivery; Electronic commerce (e-commerce); Implementation; Retail trade.

3. Marble sculpture King of marble of Nicolai Shmatko | Lugansk | (04.09.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.


Exhibition; Restoration; Styling.

4. Vyatkatoys | Kirov | (04.01.2010)

Education, Training.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Retail trade.

5. ArtoBuy | Donetsk | (01.07.2009)

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Adornments; Cloth Dolls; Figures; Jewellery Dolls; Papier-mache Dolls; Pendents.

Exhibition; Retail trade.

Representative offices: Gorlovka.

6. Rudykh Design Group | Moscow | (13.02.2010)

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.


Publishing, Printing.

Creating; Development; Maintenance; Production; Styling.

7. Design studio "Sculptures and dolls" | Astrakhan | (16.02.2010)

Children: Soft toys.

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.

Free time, Entertainment.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry: Embosses.

Interior: Estampes; Paintings; Showcases.

Execution; Orders; Production; Rent; Retail trade; Styling; Wholesale trade.

8. Vladislav Kolomoec's art studio | Zaporozhye | (13.12.2009)

Business services.

Construction structures and elements.

Construction, Maintenance.

Decor, Design.

Entertainment, Culture.

Furniture: Accessories; Armchairs; Bag Storages; Banking Furniture; Banquettes; Bathroom Furniture; Bedrooms; Beds; Bedside Tables; Bookcases; Bun Feets; Cabinet Furniture; Canteens; Card Index Cabinets; Chairs; Childrens Furniture; Coffee Tables; Computer Desks; Corners; Couches; Cupboards; Desks; Dining Tables; Exclusive Furniture by Request; Flower Stands; Furniture for Bars and Restaurants; Furniture for Educational Institutions; Furniture for Health Facilities; Furniture for Industry; Furniture for Kindergartens; Garden Furniture; Gun Racks; Hall Furniture; Hangers; Hi-Fi Racks; Hinges; Kitchen Furniture; Kitchen Tables; Kitchens; Laboratory Furniture; Leader Chairs; Library Furniture; Lounges; Mirrors; Office Furniture; Office Partitions; Office Tables; Offices; Papers Cases; Reception Desk; Reception Furniture; Refuse Bins; Shelves; Shelving; Sills; Sliding-Door Wardrobes; Sofas; Stands; Stools; Suites; Tents; Trees; TV Stands; Umbrellas; Upholstered Furniture; Wardrobes; Washers; Waste Paper Baskets; Window Blinds; Workbenches; Working Places; Worktops; Writing Table.

Gifts and souvenirs, Jewelry.

Interior: Baskets; Cornices; Decorative Pillows; Door Closers; Door Locks; Doors; Gates; Interior Spiral Staircases; Mirrors; Paintings; Palaces; Partitions; Plafonds; Plaids; Posters; Sconce; Showcases; Stained Glass Windows; Suspensions; Window Handles.

Marketing, Advertising.

Publishing, Printing.

Designing; Development; Execution; Exhibition; Implementation; Information; Mounting; Production; Repair; Restoration; Retail trade; Styling.